Thursday, January 23, 2014

BEWILDER-Palooza!!! Day 6: the MATCH KING

"It's lonely being the bad guy." ~the Match King

The...Match King

Now you meet our villain. The reclusive, ancient...Match King. 

The Match King is a sneaky one, and though everyone is terrified of him, Prudence has no idea who he is. From her point of view, he's interesting...fascinating even. After all, he is a scientist, like her, and he understands how she feels- trapped, lost, and confused. He offers to return her to our world--all she has to do is find the Paper Heart. He doesn't sugar coat it--the Paper Heart is mysterious, hard to find--but if she doesn't, she will never escape the wilds of Bewilderness, and that's a chance Prudence can't take.

But the Match King's assistance comes at a price...the whole Bewilderness to be exact. By the time she realizes his plan, she's so in love with the people and the sights, she's not sure what to do. She has to go home...but she has to save her friends too! The Match King will stop at nothing to have his way, to exact his revenge upon...oh- just read it and find out for yourself!

Check out the cover reveal from Friday's post, and if you haven't already, meet Prudencethe FabrikatorFebruary, RePeter, Captain Bleak and The Mayor, too! 

Come back tomorrow for the grand finale of BEWILDER-Palooza!!... The first chapter of BEWILDERED!!

A Bewilderness Tale, Book One
Release Date: February 2014.
PRICE: 3.99

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