Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Cleaning and a New Website!

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Spring is here (FINALLY!) and it has me thinking about lots of things, and how I have too much of them. One of the things I have, that I desperately need to tidy up, is my website, which has been, up to this point: This Blog.

But, my friends, I'm getting fancy, and creating a website that will (hopefully) be better for us to keep up with one another and move forward, getting all the cobwebs off those old posts, updating the look and feel of things, and, in general, giving myself an electronic make-over. Doesn't that sound great? 

Once my website ( goes live, I must forewarn you all that this blog's days will be numbered. Not on day one, but soon thereafter. Don't worry, there will be reminders and hopefully I'll see every single one of you at my new home.

Happy Spring, Everyone!


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  1. It’s true that blogging to self-promote definitely has its perks, but it’s still best to have an actual website to promote all the books you have published over the years. That way, avid readers and potential ones can check out the titles individually, without having to go through a blog’s archives or search results to do so. However, it’s still good to maintain your blog or attach an update page on your new website in order to keep discussions open and to let people know about your latest updates. I hope I helped!

    Chris Clay | The Clay Media


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