Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BEWILDER-Palooza!!! Day 4: REPETER

"She knew RePeter wasn't her father, 
but he really was the next best thing." ~Bewildered, chapter 25

RePeter. He's a doppelganger.

From the moment we meet Prudence, she's pining for her father. As much as his wiley antics make her eyes roll, she loves her father more than she'd ever admit aloud. When she gets the telegram about his death, she's devastated and winding up in Bewilderness only makes Prudence feel worse.

But then she crosses paths with RePeter, and who is he but her father--Orville Peter Parks's--doppelganger!

With the exception of their eye-color, the two are practically twins. One from our world, and the other from Bewilderness. They share a lot in common, especially their love for Prudence. As soon as Prudence finds RePeter, she's torn. Does she continue searching for the Paper Heart to get home...or does she abandon the Match King's quest and stay with RePeter in Bewilderness forever? It's a tough choice, to be certain. What will she do? You'll have to read to find out!

Check out the cover reveal from Friday's post, and in case you haven't already, meet Prudence, the Fabrikator, and sweet little February. Don't forget to come back tomorrow to meet a couple of the "bad guys": Captain Bleak and the Mayor!

A Bewilderness Tale, Book One
Release Date: February 2014.
PRICE: 3.99

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