Saturday, January 18, 2014


"I'm a lady and a scientist..." ~Prudence Parks

Now that you've seen the fantastic cover reveal, we should become more acquainted with the characters who make Bewildered happen...

Meet Prudence.

This is our unlikely hero. She's smug. She's self-centered. She's twelve. But nonetheless, she must save the day--whether she likes it or not! And trust me, she doesn't want to have anything to do with it.

Prudence Parks has her life perfectly planned. Academics are her first concern. She's only related to her father, a writer of fiction (ewww!), by blood--nothing more. But on the first day of our story, she receives the terrible news that her father is dead. 

Wham! Bam! Things are happening fast around Prudence, and In no time at all, she's at the train station getting shipped off to an orphanage, her life of luxury and predictability far behind her. 

From the moment she boards the Destiny Express, her main objective is to GET. BACK. HOME. There's just one problem. The train is headed to Wonderville and there's no stopping it. For Prudence, it's one thing after the next as she struggles to finally figure out a way back to her own world.

I love Prudence. She's bright, tenacious, and has a will that is strong as steel. Unfortunately, these same qualities get her in lots of trouble. For starters, she has an issue with authority. Who can blame her? No one likes being bossed around all the time. But Prudence tends to take it too far, doing things that make her everyone she meets detest her.

Obstinate? Facetious? Yes, by the bucketful. She's so self-assured and over-confident that her huge personality can barely be contained in her scrawny body. Offer her advice? She won't take it. Give her a hand? She'll slap it away.  It makes it hard to like her at times, but I promise, there's a little heart of gold somewhere deep inside... waaaay deep inside.

Prudence has a hero's journey to make, and we'll be there with her every step of the way, cringing when she does something wrong and cheering when she does something right. All in all, she's the ideal person to take us on this roller-coaster adventure and I'm so glad to have her lead the way!

Check out the full Cover Reveal from yesterday's post, and come back tomorrow to learn about another character in Bewildered "Good Guys" cast: The Fabrikator!

A Bewilderness Tale, Book One
Release Date: February 2014.
PRICE: 3.99

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  1. Aw, Prudence! So irritating--and totally loveable. So grouchy--and so hilarious! I'm flattered and super excited that I got to read this book before its release date. It's a fantastic romp of a story in every way, and I'll be recommending it to everyone I know with kids. I want to read it aloud to my nieces. (It's going to be an AMAZING read aloud. :D)

    1. Thanks, Ev! The illustrations of Prudence capture her so well, I think. :-)


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