Monday, January 20, 2014


"Her name is February because I made her with love in my heart 
and snow on my eyelashes." ~ The Fabrikator

This is February.

Created by the Fabrikator's magical fingertips, February is a living ragdoll who the Fabrikator insists Prudence should take along for her adventure. Prudence, being her stubborn self, wants nothing to do with poor February and is very--well--beastly about the way she treats the timid creature. The Fabrikator refuses to take "no" for an answer, however, and sends the two girls out the door with a reminder in Prudence's ear that, "even the most courageous need friends."

February is the essence of kindness, loyalty, and love. She has shiny, brass-button eyes, is made of yarn and ribbons, and cries pearl tears. Her and Prudence are perfect companions, right? I think so too!

Check out the full cover reveal from Friday's post in case you missed it, and check out Prudence and her gypsy friend, the Fabrikator too! But don't forget to come back tomorrow to learn about another character in Bewildered's "Good Guys" cast: RePeter!!

A Bewilderness Tale, Book One
Release Date: February 2014.
PRICE: 3.99

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